Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Corrupted Hippogryph!

So. The story is that last year, in the middle of October, my boyfriend wasn't my boyfriend. He was a friend who I had come to enjoy, appreciate... A man who listened to my troubles, made me feel like everything's alright, someone I could be close to and not be afraid of being hurt. And I know pain. Relationships haven't always been kind to me, and not all of those were mistakes knowingly made on my part. It's inevitable, pain with love. But this man couldn't hurt me if he wanted.

We ended up acting like we were dating without anyone saying "hey, want to...". And it felt natural. A slow progression which ended up with us going "Wait, are we...?". Because of that, we have no idea which day is our true anniversary. When we started acting as if we were, or the day we looked back on it and went "Hey...". It was honestly the most romantic thing, not being asked upfront, but just letting things be naturally and letting everything fall into place.

And, a few months after, we realized that we really hadn't a damn clue what our anniversary date was. And, after some thinking, I picked October 21st, somewhere in the middle of all of it. And days before this year, my boyfriend asked me what card I wanted. He was considering getting me a Fel Drake, they're just so pretty. But, being new, their prices are so inflated! I told him I'd smack him for wasting that much money on a flavor of the month card. Maybe next year.

And so we talked about the hippogryphs. Out of those cards, we both have a favorite. The Corrupted Hippogryph. So...



  1. Oooh grats! I love that mount! I'm getting mine next month for my birthday. It was one of those things I wanted bad enough to actually ask my bf for but I still have to wait, lol!

    And I love the story about how your relationship started. Sometimes the best things happen without even trying! :)

    1. It's so very true. x3 And thank you! I hope you enjoy yours when you get it. :3 It's such a pretty mount. I've been riding it all day and it makes my boyfriend grin with pride seeing me on it.